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Retail Property Management


Footfall is an important factor in Retail. And that’s why every aspect of your property counts: the location, the costs and the lease contract. Your decision indicates the future of your stores. With RPM as a specialized retail partner, you are confident in making the right decision. We specialize in retail property and, as we represent the interest of Retailers, you can rely on RPM as a long term partner. We provide innovative IT solutions for property management and have a thorough knowledge of the retail and property industry. Expansion, the terms of your lease contract, the fast-changing retail property market, the re-negotiation of your rental costs and service charges: we know how to identify and make the most of your opportunities. You will read more about our services on this website.


Customization, long-term cooperation, project-based real estate management and secondment.

Commercial Property Management

Do not worry about your properties

Researching the local market, acquiring new locations, relocating, negotiating or reviewing lease prices, checking and drafting lease contracts and monitoring and preserving crucial data: those are a few of our core activities.

Lease price reviews

Continue with optimal conditions

Both landlords and tenants can review a lease price after the expiration of the first lease period or 5 years after the most recent lease price review. Section 7:303 of the Dutch Civil Code provides that the lease price can be fixed on the basis of the average lease price of comparable retail premises over a 5-year period.

Strategic Property Decisions

Smart and responsible business practices

Using our demographic database and our market knowledge, RPM is best-placed to offer impartial advice on where to open or close a store. Using these tools, we can also offer you a portfolio scan to give insight on your current portfolio spread.

Real estate administration

Get a grip on your costs

What are the service charges exactly? As an expert in analysing service charges, we’d therefore like to cast a critical eye on your paperwork. We can identify how bills are broken down, check your contracts knowing the current rules and regulations and verify whether there’s room for improvement. And, if desired, we can negotiate with your landlord on new agreements.


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