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Optimize Retail Property solutions.

Retail Property Management – the name covers it all – can help you with literally every aspect of your retail property. RPM was founded from a large Dutch retail merger in 2005 and has become a fully-fledged professional in the commercial and retail property market. It has been able to put its knowledge and experience to good use and has fine-tuned its expertise even further to become what it is now. We have a long term relationship with people in retail and know key decision makers in the market. Our network is sturdy and extensive and that’s why our clients choose RPM as a long term partner. With just one restriction; RPM works for retailers solely. RPM is a member of.

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Joop van der Steuijt
Loek Captijn
Bonny van Lier
Maarten van der Steuijt
Brian Langereis
Saskia Creemers
Riko van Kooten
Mirjam Bos
Nathalie Bekking
Kristel de Niet