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Lease price reviews

Lease price reviews
Both landlords and tenants can review a lease price after the expiration of the first lease period or 5 years after the most recent lease price review. Section 7:303 of the Dutch Civil Code provides that the lease price can be fixed on the basis of the average lease price of comparable retail premises over a 5-year period.

RPM has developed a unique application which can accurately predict the risk of a lease increase or decrease. RPM’s many years of experience combined with a huge database of lease prices means it can offer expert advice on the premises you are leasing.

RPM has already been able to achieve major cuts in rental costs for a lot of large national chains. Because we only represent the interest of retailers, there will be no conflict of interest. If you want an expert to review your lease price or more information on the ‘section 303 procedure’, feel free to contact us.