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Smart and responsible business practices

Strategic Property Decisions

Strategic Property Decisions
Using our demographic database and our market knowledge, RPM is best-placed to offer impartial advice on where to open or close a store. Using these tools, we can also offer you a portfolio scan to give insight on your current portfolio spread.

Smart and responsible growth
Growth is the result of successful entrepreneurship. At the same time, growth requires well-considered steps. That is why expanding your retail space is more than just renting extra square meters. It is a strategic decision that requires expertise. We have that expertise in-house. We are aware of current market developments, both nationally and regionally.

A changing market, or a changing company strategy often needs a new vision on retail property locations. That makes the right location and a carefully-considered number of locations of prime importance. And that’s where our experience with key locations, advice on due diligences and support in optimizing your portfolio comes in. RPM will also be your partner in the more challenging time of your operation.