Your challenges

Tailored made to your business, long term collaborations and project and property management.

Researching the local market, acquiring new locations, relocating, negotiating or reviewing lease prices, checking and drafting lease contracts and monitoring and preserving crucial data: those are a few of our core activities. We have a long-standing relationship with our clients when it comes to commercial property management, covering over 600 locations. And we can provide more than just hands-on help: our experience and an eye for detail means that we can stay ahead of the game when it comes to key developments. ‘That’s the benefit of working with RPM’.

Administrative Management
The management of your property consists of a lot of administrative ins and outs. Reviewing your lease bills and indexations, final payment on service costs and local authority charges needs a hawk eye and can take up a lot of workload. We can review all this paperwork for you. You can also trust us with all your financial payments, debt collection and credit control. We check the figures behind every decimal point. That’s where RPM differs from a regular administration.

Project management
It may be necessary to measure and value the surface area of your property. RPM can do this according to the NEN 2580 standards. You’ll be assured of the correct and reliable figures to fulfil your portfolio data. This is essential for making the right decisions.

Both landlords and tenants can review a lease price after the expiration of the first lease period or 5 years after the most recent lease price review. Section 7:303 of the Dutch Civil Code provides that the lease price can be fixed on the basis of the average lease price of comparable retail premises over a 5-year period.

RPM has developed a unique application which can accurately predict the risk of a lease increase or decrease. RPM’s many years of experience combined with a huge database of lease prices means it can offer expert advice on the premises you are leasing.

RPM has already been able to achieve major cuts in rental costs for a lot of large national chains. Because we only represent the interest of retailers, there will be no conflict of interest. If you want an expert to review your lease price or more information on the ‘section 303 procedure’, feel free to contact us.

Smart and responsible growth
Using our demographic database and our market knowledge, RPM is best-placed to offer impartial advice on where to open or close a store. Using these tools, we can also offer you a portfolio scan to give insight on your current portfolio spread.

A changing market, or a changing company strategy often needs a new vision on retail property locations. That makes the right location and a carefully-considered number of locations of prime importance. And that’s where our experience with key locations, advice on due diligences and support in optimizing your portfolio comes in. RPM will also be your partner in the more challenging time of your operation.

What are the service charges exactly? In shopping malls, service charges can account for anywhere between 8 to 40% of your housing costs, while these costs themselves make up around 10% of an average retailer’s gross turnover. As an expert in analysing service charges, we’d therefore like to cast a critical eye on your paperwork. We can identify how bills are broken down, check your contracts knowing the current rules and regulations and verify whether there’s room for improvement. And, if desired, we can negotiate with your landlord on new agreements.

Proper decisions regarding costs need to be made before signing any lease contract. Therefore, we always prefer to advise you prior to this stage. That means, you will be assured of realistic terms and regulations and you will also keep a grip on the costs.

Need a service charges analysis? We’re happy to help. Call or email us for more information or for an appointment.